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So Neal was the reason for everyones unhappiness and a dozen deaths. Interesting.

Are you serious? That’s a load of shit.

Well, they just stated Neal is the reason behind everything.

Therefore, he’s the catalyst that caused of hundreds of deaths, James and Charming being split, Daniel dying, Eva dying, entire villages being wiped out, Regina’s descent into villainy, Jefferson being trapped in Wonderland, Tink losing her wings, Emma being left at birth to be raised alone in a world that abused her, Henry being given up for adoption - though his role in THAT Was a lot more direct than being the driving force-, hundreds or thousands being cursed into this world to live as mindless drones for 28 years, entire families being separated, the second curse - the first curse cast again, Zelena’s vendetta - kicked into high gear by Rumple who, surprise surprise, needed someone to cast the curse -, Baby Neal’s near death and who knows what else.

All those things are direct actions caused by an attempt to get the curse to work and Rumple moving the pawns into check.

A curse that Neal is the reason for.

Therefore Neal is the reason behind all the bad that’s happened and the catalyst that caused their misery. If you acknowledge that he is the reason behind the curse, you have to acknowledge that he is also the reason behind what had to happen to make the curse work.


just because a television show doesn’t actively address a specific issue doesn’t mean they’re actively avoiding it either. you know what happens when you try to stuff every possible social debate under the sun into one show?

you get glee.

that’s what happens.


Oh snap, Jen just called all of us sending her love “real fans”. Bless.


Harressing an actress over a non canon tv ship is not fighting for equal rights. It is not social justice. It is not a desire for representation. It is just hate, pure and simple. 


if u dont like updating ur computer dont get fucking windows 8

So many updates. I loathe it!

Gotta appreciate the fact that Killian could have run away at any time but instead he chose to show Emma the jello.




Anonymous: If SF has such an epic love story why do they constantly make AUs where Neal has Hook's scenes?

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"I told you we're getting along."
Anonymous: I wish certain SF fans would stop talking trash about Emma just because she didn't want to get back together with Neal. How is it OOC to not want to renew a relationship with someone who betrayed you? No matter what Neal wanted believe, that's what he did, and people can't expect Emma to just shove off a decade's worth of pain like it was nothing, especially for a man who made no effort to fix things. That's what Neal should have done years ago, not after his fiancée break up with him.




I completely agree! There is nothing OOC for not wanting to get back together with a man who abandoned you and broke your heart. There is nothing OOC about that!

I will never understand how SF BA’s claim it was OOC of Emma to not get back together with Neal.


(honestly i think that Emma was OOC when she was around him, but mostly because she reverted to her insecure, teenage self)

^^^ Agreed!

Storybrooke has frozen over.

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SF and Nealstans make me laugh way too hard some days.

When confronted with Emma’s ‘barely 17 if that old’ status when Neal was 24 and they conceived a child: ”IT WASN’T RAPE! It was just sexual abuse! They belong together, they’re TRUE LOVE!”

Upon seeing Killian kiss Emma briefly without her knowing who he was, ignoring their canon relationship before and after that singular non-event: “THAT’S SEXUAL ASSAULT! He shouldn’t be allowed near her! Or any children at all! Oh the humanity, why isn’t he in jail? RAPE CULTURE!”

The hypocrisy kills me.

Bad Ass Snow White
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